TomTom App to Debut on Android Devices Shortly

Android users will soon be able to enjoy the TomTom app on their devices. Once an iOS-only service, the portable GPS car navigation app, will be made available possibly this summer. An exact date, however, was not identified.

The TomTom app is packed with features regarding road navigation. Android users will reportedly be given the exact same features presented to iOS users.

Firstly, TomTom doesn’t rely on cellular signal to show its maps, storing them right in the app itself. Through a feature called Map Share, it also provides daily map updates, on the premise that roads constantly change. Its IQ Routes feature in addition calculates travel time based on the average speed on the road, allowing users to estimate the length of their journey and their time of arrival at a destination. Another feature called TomTom HD Traffic gives reports regarding actual delays that might occur on the journey. It also suggests alternative routes in order to avoid delays. On Apple devices, and soon, on Android, it is able to work with the smartphone to provide turn-by-turn instructions. Through an integration with Google and Facebook, users can perform searches on TomTom, as well.

TomTom can be customized with celebrity voices, car symbols, and map colors for a personalized experience. It moreover integrates with tablet and smartphone devices to help with multitasking, dialing, and music control. It can provide reminders regarding departures and is able to share traveling updates on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and on email.

Any new option for Android users is always welcome, of course. Yet, it is doubtful whether this relatively late release of the TomTom app would be considered useful by Android device users. In the face of a free competing service offered by Google Maps Navigation, it should deliver excellent service and provide unique features to be considered a truly necessary app.

TomTom costs $59.99 at the Apple iTunes store. It is unknown whether the same price will be given for Android users on Google Play.

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