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TiVo App for Android Is Finally at Reach!

The TiVo app for Android devices has finally arrived after keeping fans waiting since the beginning of the year. In contrast, iOS users have had it for some time, which is often the case with many new app releases.

Nevertheless, it is well worth the wait as the TiVo app brings Android user many features. For one, the companion to the popular DVR comes with a Guide feature, letting users know that is currently showing on various channels. On this feature, users may set scheduled recordings for shows they want to watch at a later time. They can also use the feature to play a current show.

Search lets users look for a particular program or movie from the television itself or from the Web. Once they have found what they were looking for, they can set it for recording. If it is not available, however, they can purchase the movie from online.

The Info feature provides know how on a particular show, such as its cast, crew, and other relevant information. Info also brings users to a Season Pass recording option, which enables users to record all the episodes of that show. Info Actor meanwhile gives details regarding a specific actor.

My Shows permits users to see their personal list of preferred shows. This furthermore tells users the size of the files, so that they can check if their disk space is still adequate for future recordings.

Season Pass Manager allows users to edit their recordings as well as give precedence on the important ones with a drag-and-drop action.

Lastly, Remote imitates the physical TiVo remote control or provides users with a touch-enabled interface that lets them manage their favorite shows and movies with the TiVo.

Not all of the features, unfortunately are available for everyone who download the app from Google Play. TiVo gives priority to its TiVo Premiere DVR customers and gives them some exclusive functionalities.

Meanwhile, for those who have difficulty connecting wirelessly to the DVR, TiVo’s Google Play page offers some troubleshooting tips such as restarting their router or the DVR.

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