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The Kick Could Enhance Quality Images for iPhone

A portable lighting studio for the iPhone called The Kick attempts to expand the ever-growing list of camera accessories for iPhoneography aficionados.

The wireless, handheld innovation uses the iPhone as a remote control to trigger lighting that would improve the quality of images. Its most basic setting gives white light to add to the ambient light hitting a photography subject. Also, users may adjust light temperature, making it warmer or cooler, depending on the effect they are trying to achieve.

Apart from white light, however, The Kick also makes available all the other colors of the rainbow to add creative effects to images. Users simply select a color from a color picker and that color instantly gets beamed from the lighting accessory. Animated colors are even possible if users swipe their fingers on an image while capturing a photograph.

The Kick comes with a free app that enables users to adjust settings on their iPhone. On this app, users can set brightness, manage various lights, have access to a color picker with an entire spectrum of hues, select a color live from the photography subject, or choose preset effects. They can moreover undo actions easily as well as view the lighting effect in real-time, helping them to make decisions about the effects chosen.

iPhone users who also own a DLSR may take further advantage of the accessory by using The Kick to enhance the images they take with their DSLR. In this case, they will only use the iPhone as a remote to control the settings of The Kick, and then have the wireless device beam the lighting on the DSLR’s photography subject.

Currently, it is still a prototype that needs funding to be able to be released to a wider audience. It comes in several models: the Kick Plus, which features Wi-Fi and the full range of effects plus the Kick app; and the Kick Basic, which has limited effects, no Wi-Fi, and no integration with the iPhone. The Kick Plus costs $99 while the Basic is priced at $89.

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