The iOS 6 been jailbroken already

With the iOS 6 developer beta available, there are many rumours flying around. The newest iOS version has a multitude of features – over 200 of them! The iOS 6 developer beta is available only to those who have registered themselves with the program for Apple Developers. FaceTime over 3G, a Maps application which provides detailed directions and for iPad 3, Siri are among the components which are most anticipated. Compatible with iPad 3, iPad2, 4th gen iPod touch, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, the beta 1 iOS 6 has separate versions for Apple TV 3 and Apple TV 2.

The latest news is that the iOS 6 has also been jailbroken by the Dev Team and new software which works on certain Apple products is also available. However, this software is not meant for all users, but developers only. Since all the creases have not been ironed out yet, only those interested in jailbreak tweaks should opt for the jailbroken iOS 6.

Apple does warn its users that jailbreaking a device may hamper the warranty provided. There are several advantages to jailbreaking your Apple product. Apart from the fact that you can download apps which are not available on the Apple App Store, you can also personalise your interface and also removing hindrances. Another advantage is that after jailbreaking, you can use different networks or SIM cards on your iPhones, which are usually carrier-locked. There are certain applications available to unlock the carrier-lock unofficially and these applications are based on the individual model you are using.

Once iOS 6 has been released for the public, it is assumed that a jailbroken version will also follow. All those excited to get their hands on iOS 6 will have to wait until Fall of this year. That’s when Apple is going to launch the eagerly anticipated OS update to the public.