The ClamBook Converts iPhones and Android Smartphones into Macbook Air Style

A new dock promises to give more flexibility and use to iPhones and Android smartphones by converting them into notebooks in the style of the Macbook Air. Called the ClamBook, this dock stands out from among other cases that work only for the iPad.

To make it work, users connect their smartphone to the ClamBook through an MHL cable. This enables the smartphone to transmit its content onto the ClamBook’s widescreen, LED backlit display with a 16:9 aspect ratio. As the ClamBook also includes a full-sized QWERTY keyboard and a multi-touch trackpad, the user can easily give input to the smartphone.

The ClamBook is made of lightweight aluminum, giving it a sleek and svelte appearance that makes it easily pass off as an Apple product. However, its exterior is as close to the MacBook Air as it comes, since being a mere notebook dock, this device does not sport a processor or a hard drive. The processing, in fact, happens right on the user’s smartphone.

The team behind ClamBook has pre-empted many issues that might result from using a smartphone on a notebook dock. For instance, to address the problem of the battery draining, the ClamBook keeps the smartphone charging while it is in use. It also eliminates the use of multiple cables by using a singular MHL cable for the connection. The heat problem on one’s lap while one uses a laptop is also solved by keeping all the computing running on the smartphone and not on the dock. It has also incorporated 3D Cinema Sound to allow users to enjoy multimedia from the smartphone better.

One can find various uses for the ClamBook. It eliminates the need to bring both a laptop and a smartphone during travel just so one can complete one’s work. For spendthrifts who have not bought a laptop because of its high cost, this can be a substitute for the real thing and allow them get more out of their smartphone.

The ClamBook will be available during the holiday season this year. Unfortunately, there is currently no word as to its price. As early as now, however, interested customers can ask to receive a notification via email when it becomes available.