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The Amazing Spider-Man: Your Friendly Neighborhood Hero to Serve from Play Store

The Amazing Spider-Man mobile game has arrived on the Google Play Store just in time to tempt fans of the new movie about the Marvel web-slinger. Its price, however, is a bit steep at $6.99 for a mobile game, as if its developer is trying to test fans about just how much they will go for their friendly neighborhood superhero.

The game is largely based on the movie, which is but natural as it is touted as a companion game to the Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone starrer. Released by Gameloft, The Amazing Spider-Man mobile game lets players take on the role of Spider-Man himself as he takes on 25 missions involving many lawless elements in New York City.

Users are allowed to explore districts in the Manhattan area such as Central Park, Pier, Residential, Business, and Downtown. A nice feature of the game is that New York City is designed as an open world, which to gamers means that they have substantial freedom to decide where to go and how to complete their mission without being constrained to the developer’s idea of a single set of correct steps. This allows for creative gameplay that is absent from some games available today. Unfortunately, this factor, along with the detailed graphics, makes for a large file size of almost 600 MB.

By means of Spider-man’s web, gamers can either go from one rooftop to another, or ward off the super villain Lizard and his team of thugs. Gameloft throws in many types of combat like combo, ranged, and melee, all of which have been designed to run smooth as butter that this alone might justify the $6.99 charge. There are also upgrades being offered for dedicated gamers.

Lastly, the game accesses the Internet, NFC, and the SD card, as well as prevents the tablet or device from going into sleep mode. The Amazing Spider-Man requires only Android 2.2 to work on devices, which means that pretty much most Android based devices will be able to support it.

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