Testdroid Testing Platform for Android Announced at Google I/O 2012

The first ever fully automated and scalable platform for testing Android apps has recently been announced by Bitbar at the Google I/O 2012 Developers Conference held in San Francisco from June 27th through 29th. The commercial availability of this platform would become a great help for all Android app developers both individual and corporate alike as they will be given the right environment where they can test their apps in real time and in a matter of minutes. This will considerably reduce time-to-market and eventually boost opportunities for developers to generate good revenues from their apps.

If there is one most hassling part in Android app development, that would be the testing; they will need to test their apps on, at least, 10 devices to know exactly how their masterpieces work. This will require longer time than expected and eventually delay the release which is one of the factors that affect the commercial value of the app. With TestDroid on the horizon, developers can reduce testing time to a few minutes while being able to witness how the app performs when being used several and in different devices.

Not only will this platform reduce the length of test considerably, it also helps developers build high quality apps by giving them the resources and environment they need to work productively. The platform provides automated tests so the people behind the existence of millions of apps will not be hassled during the development and dry-runs. With this, the resources that could be used for customer support will also be reduced as well as the possible expenses each developer has to pay.

For bigger corporations Bitbar also offers Testdroid server for developers to run in-house tests on their devices. The security of the server is of highest priority as there are companies that handle sensitive data which could be accessed via smartphones and internet-capable devices through an app.

Basically, Testdroid is launched to make every developer’s life way easier than before; testing time is reduced while quality is increased and the possibility to earn revenues is being taken into consideration. There is no specific date as to when Testdroid would be made available for developers but Bitbar assures it would be soon.