Temple Run: Brave Now Offers to Android and iOS Devices

A new version of the Temple Run game called Temple Run: Brave is now available for users of Android and iOS devices. This follow-up to the widely-successful Temple Run game is a movie tie-up with Disney, promoting the Disney-Pixar 3D animated film, Brave.

In the game, users take on the role of red-haired Merida, the story’s protagonist and run, jump, and slide across a backdrop of Scottish landscapes. The mechanics of the game are generally the same. However, to make the game correspond more to the movie, the app developers made some changes. For instance, instead of fleeing from monkeys, users run away from the story’s antagonist, the demon bear Mordu.

Temple Run: Brave also introduces a new action, shooting, which is inspired by Merida’s special archery skill. This shooting move in the app allows users to gain extra coins if they hit the bulls eye with their arrow. Likewise, Imangi, the developers of Temple Run, have changed the visuals from the drab swampy environment to a vibrant, colorful background, inspired by the film’s setting. Gameplay has been enhanced in general, as well.

Moreover, in contrast with the original Temple Run, this app doesn’t come for free. On Google Play and iTunes, this 43.7 MB app has a price tag of $0.99. This fee, however, gives users 2500 free coins with which they can build their collection. These game coins are required for power-ups, and will help users in getting higher scores.

Users who have already downloaded the game, however, have already encountered some problems in using the app. On Google Play, there are complaints about unresponsiveness and lagging. The same criticism has also been published on iTunes. One furthermore said that the score is not appearing in the game center, while another states that the app would not even start.

Hopefully, Imangi can fix these issues soon and release a new version that addresses these bugs so as not to tarnish the name that Temple Run had made for itself.

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