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Taptu- an app that learns what you read

Swype was released earlier this week with an innovative functionality- to learn what user types. We talked about how technology is evolving and how it is now adapting to learn from humans. Here’s something on another being app released on the PlayStore which claims to learn what user likes to read.

[easyazon-link asin=”B004XWEDKE” locale=”us”]Taptu[/easyazon-link], a newsreader app just added a new functionality called Taptu Magic. Just as its name, it performs some covert magic to read what you like to read and show recommendations accordingly. As you might have rightly guessed, Taptu does this by analysing your reading habits- mainly the pauses you take for each news article you read and what type of articles you more often read.

For example, if you read more about Republicans than Democrats, the app would automatically tweak its settings so as to refine its content and display more recommendations on things you would like to read. It reads your reading patterns by analysing what amount of time you spend on which article and how you articulated are your choices. It also tracks search history or more often searched keywords to mark your areas of interest.

Though there is no shortage of newsreader apps on the PlayStore, such an innovative functionality might magically transform the popularity of the app.

This is what the CEO of Taptu, Mr. Mitch Lazar had to say, “Taptu by the courtesy of its powerful search engine and aggregation technology provides an interface which can take any keyword or source and transform it into a sophisticated stream of highly relevant content. It’s absolutely effortless for readers to discover news that intrigues them the most. It really is like MAGIC. ”

The Taptu app just finished integration of HTML5 into their site as well as news feeds. The app now allows users to share their customized news feeds with anyone even if they don’t have Taptu installed.

On a closing note, People love apps which are intuitive, more specifically the ones that understand them better. They fare better than humans at times.

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