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Talpic MultiMedia Sharing App on Google Play

A new multimedia sharing app called Talpic has just arrived despite the presence of many social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Available on both Android and iOS devices, Talpic by the developer DigiAvenue enables users to see the media files that others in their network have shared. Further, it permits users to share their own content and direct them to their Facebook or SinaWeibo accounts or even email.

A unique feature is the ability to embed a sound file to a photo. For instance, users can upload a photo of themselves then accompany it with the sound of their singing voice. They can also specify another image that would be attached to the audio file.

Talpic requires a login only when users would be sharing content. Otherwise, they can view publicly shared content freely. Registration is free and may be done from within the app, which will ask for a Talpic ID for the Talpic features to function. They can, for example, see the activity of other users on their network once they are logged in.

The important features are accessible right on the app homescreen. These include Share Pix, Share Sound, and Listed & View. Talpic furthermore allows users to create a video recording of themselves that will be available on a profile page. This helps users introduce themselves to other members of the network.

Talpic doesn’t put a limit to how long a sound message can be. Users may likewise select privacy settings, in case they want the file to be available to a private group. Tabs allow users to switch from the pictures and sound posts. A Follow feature lets users to connect to their friends and view their shared content. Lastly, there is a content filter for a favorites list that tracks the trends on the social media network.

Talpic is now up on Google Play, where it may be downloaded completely free of charge. Its minimum requirement is Android 2.1 and is currently on version 1.2.0.

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