TAKTIK Is A LunaTik Case For Your iPhone

The last time we heard about LunaTik, they were making an iPod Nano watch strap and it was pretty awesome. So, what we have come to know about LunaTik cases is, the top quality material used in making their products and the attention to detail, even though it’s just a case. This is what sets them apart from the hundreds of other cases that flood the market. So, this time around, LunaTik has unveiled a case for your iPhone 4/4S called Taktik and it looks like a typical LunaTik product.

Built out of Ballistic Polymer and high-grade aluminum the case is clearly built to take a beating. It is of course water resistant (not waterproof), shockproof and dustproof and the higher end model even offers additional protection to your iPhone’s screen with a Gorilla Glass screen on top of the iPhone’s own Gorilla Glass screen. All the ports and buttons on the iPhone are easily accessible yet well protected and covered which makes it especially handy.

As for the look, it might not go down well with everyone due to the extreme, hardcore and rugged look but it none the less looks really cool.

The base model is priced at $75, but if you want more protection, then there is the one with the Gorilla Glass for a $100. Add another $50 and you will get one with a Silver Anodized upgrade at $150.

You cannot however lay your hands on it just yet because just like with the iPod Nano case, the company can begin production only after it raises a certain amount. The current target is $150,000 by 21 July. So, if you want one for your own you will have to pledge. A minimum of a $1 at least.

The case might last forever but with the iPhone 5 on its way with its rumored larger screen size you might opt for an upgrade. For such a scenario, Lunatik has come out with the “Future Proof Pack”. For $250, you not only get an iPhone 4/4S case, but also a top end iPhone 5 case when it comes out this fall. So, go now and pledge.

Check out the ad to see the case in action

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