A Physical Disappearing Touchscreen Keypad? Yes. Tactus Has Done It!

How much do you love your touchscreen device?  Is it anything close to actual physical keys?  I bet that as much as you love the touchscreen – the convenience of tapping away, handwriting recognition and more screen for display without expanding the size of your device, there is some level of dissatisfaction and you sometime wish that your device had a physical keypad.  Tactus, a California-based start-up, today showed off something big – a combination of touchscreen and actual physical keys for handheld devices.

The keypad in question is physical, except that it disappears when you want it to.  If you have been struggling with a touchscreen device, having difficulties typing and wished for an alternative, this is the best you can get at the moment.  The company says that the keypad sheet takes a small room as a layer on the transparent screen.  The company showcased this new display during the 2012 SID as a haptic technology that offers physical disappearing keys.

It may be a little difficult to understand how the keys pop-up on the screen but it is still under development and will most likely be a reality and equipped on phones later this year.  According to sources inside the company, Tactus’ technology may be first equipped on Android phones because they are more dynamic and very add-on friendly.  People with big hands will not have a solution to the small screen problem thanks to this technology.

This technology, for starters, works on touchscreen devices and can only be configured as a QWERTY keyboard in landscape mode.  This means that the keypad may not have extended controls such as arrow keys, function keys or gaming controls as current touchscreens do.

I am certain you are itching to know how this works and how effective it actually is.  Well, Tactus released a short video demonstrating how it works, you better start googling it.