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T-Mobile USA with Assurant Solutions Brings Mobile Phone Protection Program to Subscribers

T-Mobile USA in partnership with Assurant Solutions sets out to protect the mobile phones of T-Mobile subscribers in a new service called Monthly4G Handset Protection or MHP. MHP covers issues such as lost and stolen units, those that had been damaged by water and other accidents, as well as mechanical or electrical malfunctioning once the warranty has lapsed. MHP is aimed at those in the no-contract or prepaid plans who deserve equal security and assurance as customers on postpaid plans.

One of the factors that prompted T-Mobile to make the move was a recent survey that revealed that despite two out of five consumers in the U.S. experiencing problems such as a stolen, lost, or broken device, only 35 percent apply for insurance for these devices.

On the program, T-Mobile subscribers pay a small fee of $7 monthly once they get a new phone unit from T-Mobile USA that has a Monthly4G rate plan. Users may sign up for the service within fourteen days of buying the device from T-Mobile. Not all phones, however, may enrol in the offer. Apple iPhones, for instance, are not covered. Laptop sticks and mobile hotspots, though, are included in the service.

The $7 monthly fee will be paid on top of the monthly bill. This includes insurance for mechanical and accidental damages, while benefits for lost and stolen phones will be available for no extra charge. In these incidents, users are required to undergo a claims process that required approval. T-Mobile has made sure that this process is speedy and fuss-free to make things easy for consumers.

One can place a claim via any time of the day and any day of the week. A customer service phone number is likewise made available at limited hours. Upon approval, T-Mobile issues a deductible that costs as low as $25 to $130. This deductible is determined by the value of the consumer’s device.

To assist T-Mobile in facilitating the process, consumers are advised to prepare beforehand pertinent information such as their mobile number, its model, manufacturer, the Electronic Serial number otherwise known as the IMEI, and a debit card, credit card, or echeck.

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