T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III images leaked

If you live in America and have been waiting to see if you will lay eyes on the new Samsung Galaxy S III anytime soon, here it is. This is reportedly the T Mobile USA version of the awesome Android smart phone. The Verge, which is the tech blog to leak this image, says that this is for sure going to be the T Mobile USA’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S III. But if you take a closer look, it become very difficult to believe that because the smart phone in the image resembles the international version very closely, especially the physical home button.

If you we have learned one thing from major wireless carriers in the United States of America is that they like to customize their phones a lot. They do not want the whole world to have the exact same thing that they have. So they ask the manufacturers such as Samsung itself to modify the hardware of the smart phone that is going to be sold by these wireless carriers.

If you look in to the history, you will see that major United States wireless carriers got the Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S II, and the Samsung Galaxy Note modified before releasing it into the market. The most notable changes were the removal of the physical home button for a row of old fashioned capacitive touch buttons, and also the change in the processor. Yes, this customization has been there for some time now.

But now it looks like this trend is going to change. Because we can see that the T Mobile version has not changed. This might be because Samsung has now become the top one Android smart phone manufacturer in the world and its time for it to set the rules. But major carriers such as the AT&T might not be too happy with this.

The release date and the cost of the T Mobile Galaxy S III is not yet out, but the rumor is we will be seeing it on store shelves within this month. That a good news, eh?