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Swiftkey for Butter Fingers, Maxikeys for Bigger Fingers

Do you get a feeling that you’re playing darts as you try your best to type on the thin-spaced, tightly bound Android keyboard? Do you often feel your phone keyboard is too small for your broad fingers?

Well, of course you can’t alter your finger-size but you can make the buttons larger. Maxikeys- a recently released app on the PlayStore liberates you from all such tyrannies and gives you a keyboard type experience. Not the smartphone one, PC one.

Built by a Danish company, this keyboard is ditto what your PC keyboard is. We have seen a lot of apps with swype, prediction, special characters and god knows what crazy features. Well, one should not cook too much they say. That’s exactly why MaxiKeys is a fascinating app on the PlayStore.

Nor the key-position nor the functionality has been altered. You can still press Ctrl+C to copy contents and Ctrl+V to paste it. Additional shortcuts have also been added which provide even greater convenience. Like holding your screen after sliding repeats the character or sliding your finger upward triggers shift.

Interestingly, only a part of the keyboard is shown in one instance. Don’t get it? Well, you would need to tilt your phone a bit to access the keys on the either sides. It uses the Gyrometer (or accelerometer) to sense your movements and displays keys accordingly. This has been added to provide convenience. Also, there is no better way of implementing a full PC-stereotype keyboard on a smartphone.

Also, it comes with no extra features like word guessing or swype. It just types what you write in, it’s that simple.

This app is neither a build-on app nor an alternative keyboard solution. It has been built from ground zero and primarily serves people who do not fancy typing on those miniscule conventional keyboards. The Maxikeys app comes docked in with the default international layout. Other layouts like U.S, U.K, German, Spanish and more are available as separate apps.

Would you fancy trying this out or do you think the concept is too obsolete to be implemented on the smartphone device?

Do you have butter fingers or bigger fingers?

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