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SwiftKey 3 Is Now A Top Successful App on Google Play

SwiftKey 3 has taken the top spot in the list of top paid apps in Google Play. After being released as a beta version just a couple of months ago, it has made its way to the number one position. Following Swift Key 3 in the list is Temple Run: Brave from Disney; Draw Something by OMGPOP; Cut the Rope by Zeptolab; and Beautiful Widgets by Levelup Studio. SwiftKey 3 at present costs $1.99, a price drop from its former $3.99 value.

SwiftKey 3 apparently has gotten the secret formula in making a successful app. Essentially, it offers a better keyboard than the stock one that comes with many devices, allowing users to type easier and with more accuracy on the touch interface. It serves a very basic function, which is also a fundamental need among users of touch-based mobile devices.

For those who own a touch-based device like a touchscreen smartphone or tablet, it is no secret that typing is difficult and rarely error-free on regular onscreen keyboards. In fact, based on statistics released by SwiftKey itself, Android users rate their experience on typing on the stock Android keyboard only 5.9 out of 10. This often equates to an unintelligible text message to a friend or visits to the wrong website.

SwiftKey 3 claims to be powered by natural language technology that gives accurate predictions and corrections, anticipating the next word that the users will input so that they no longer have to type it character by character. The app likewise has the ability to learn the words frequently used by the one using the app which will, over time, allow for even better predictions. All in all, it allegedly saves users billions of keystrokes and gives a satisfaction rating of 8.8 out of 10.

SwiftKey recognizes other teams’ efforts, however, in improving the overall typing experience. For instance, in Google I/O, the Mountain View company promised an enhanced stock keyboard on its fresh Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. SwiftKey, however, is not bothered by this and instead lauds Google’s effort in providing a better keyboard to users.

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