Sprint Hinted Its Touch Wallet NFC App through Slides

Sprint is preparing its own wallet service called Touch. Previously, the carrier had offered Google’s service, but had recently opted to develop its own app. However, the company has not disclosed the details of the service to the public to date.

Android Central, however, got hold of some presentation slides that divulge some details regarding the Touch app. According to the slides, companies like Best Buy, Target, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Macy’s and McDonalds have either forged partnerships with Sprint or are simply being used as examples by the carrier. Possibly, these companies will issue loyalty cards for frequent customers.

Interestingly, the Touch App appears very similarly with the Google Wallet app, its former partner, now turned rival, with this new service. As with Google, users need to provide a four-digit passcode to unlock the wallet app, enabling users to make payments. This leads to the main screen which shows the logos of partner establishments. Also, users can be brought to a card screen showing their credit cards. The latter is opened by using an NFC reader. After the payment is done, the app automatically locks.

The presentation slides give clues as to how Sprint has designed the app. Nonetheless, many important questions remain. For instance, we still do not know which bank partners Sprint will work with. Plus, we have no idea whether Sprint is implementing extra protective measures to avoid the security issues that Google’s Wallet app suffered more than once. Lastly, we remain clueless as to whether Sprint will cut off its partnership with Google by ceasing to offer Google Wallet on Sprint handsets. Doing so seems like a sensible choice, especially because it would be pointless to offer two different wallet apps on Sprint devices. Still, even if the company tries to break its ties with Google by removing the Wallet app, it remains linked to Google because it uses the Android platform for its Touch app.

via android central

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