Sprint Galaxy S III Tech Tile NFC Tags training video leaked

The all new Samsung Galaxy S III is the most anticipated smart phone of the year, which has already got the unofficial tag line ‘Android King of the Year.’ Well, that is well suited if you like the awesome features it comes with. The Samsung Galaxy S III has already got more than nine million pre orders online, which is really shocking. By this figure, you can make out how much popular the device is. One of the most important and impressive features of the Samsung Galaxy S III is Samsung’s new Tec Tile NFC tags.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is coming to almost all the major wireless carriers in the United States, and Sprint is not exception. And yes, Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S III has the new Tec Tile NFC tags. The proof for this is the leaked training video by Samsung and Sprint. A lot of Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III training videos have already been leaked to YouTube, there are almost 15 such training videos. And this one in particular is interesting because it is about the new Tec Tile NFC tag.

The training videos are really good, there is no too much technical detail about the technology used, but a plain video on how to use the smart phone and its features. An average Joe or a soccer mom would easily understand what is being said in the video and would be able to implement it right then and there. Samsung has been trying to prove this fact by giving hands on demos to select journalists in Boston, MA. Those are some lucky people, right?

Anyway, the smart phone is coming out very soon, and if you have not yet ordered yours, it is time to order it today. If you wait for the Samsung Galaxy S III to come down to a store near you to go and buy it, you will have to get into a queue at least 48 hours before the launch. So it is better you order it now and relax in your home while you get it at your door step.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Pbhgl-_LmA]