Sprint and T Mobile delay Galaxy S III Launch

Update (June 21 10:22 am ET): Checked with the local T-Mobile and Sprint Stores, as expected, it’s a consensus that the stores do not have the phone in stock yet, and reps were told to wait till the weekend for more details on the official release date.  The reps all seem to think early next week. 

For the record, AT&T is also experiencing similar delays.  Verizon is still shooting for an early July release date (July 10th date has been floated around).

The new Samsung Galaxy S III is the most anticipated smart phone of the year. And it will not at all come as a surprise if the company saw a lot of pre orders for the smart phone. There were indeed more than 9 million pre orders for the Samsung Galaxy S III, which has to be first in the history of smart phones. And definitely, the company will not be able to produce so many units, plus a few more million units for stores, by the announced launch date, which was June 21st.

Just last week, we had seen Canadian wireless carriers delaying the launch of the awesome smart phone, and today, United States wireless carriers are delaying the launch. Two of the major wireless carriers in the country, Sprint and T Mobile have announced that they will be delaying the launch of the Galaxy S III. Sprint has apparently told Engadget that it will be shipping the 16 GB version of the Galaxy S III into the hands of those customers who have pre ordered it within the original date, which is June 21st. It also said that people who have ordered the 32 GB version of the smart phone will have to wait a bit more as that version will not be shipped at least till the following week. This definitely is bad news.

T Mobile, on the other hand, is dividing the launch into two phases. It says that the “demand for the Samsung Galaxy S III is exceeding supply.” Phone Arena writes:

While T-Mobile says it is still will be the first carrier to offer the unit in its stores, only selected locations in its top 29 markets will have the device in stock on June 21st (check below to see if where you live qualifies). The remaining stores will have the Samsung Galaxy S III on June 27th. The handset is $629.99 for the full retail price, $229.99 down on value plans with $20 EIP, $279.99 for the classic plan after a $50 mail-in-rebate and a signed 2-year contract.

T-Mobile’s top 29 markets are as follows:

  • LosAngeles,CA
  • Chicago,IL
  • Phoenix,AZ
  • Houston,TX
  • SanDiego,CA
  • NewYork,NY
  • Seattle,WA
  • Miami/Ft.Lauderdale,FL
  • Dallas/Ft.Worth,TX
  • SanFrancisco,CA
  • SaltLakeCity,UT
  • Denver,CO
  • Minneapolis,MN
  • Tampa/St.Petersburg,FL
  • Philadelphia,PA
  • SanAntonio,TX
  • Portland,OR
  • Austin,TX
  • Atlanta,GA
  • KansasCity,MO
  • Boston,MA
  • Sacramento,CA
  • Orlando,FL
  • Detroit,MI
  • WashingtonDC*
  • Cleveland,OH
  • Jacksonville,FL
  • Charlotte,NC
  • McAllen,TX

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