Sony’s New Google TV Set-Top Box Now Up for Pre-Order at $199

Sony’s NSZ-GS7 is now up for pre-order at J & R for the price of only $199. The Google TV set-top box from the Japanese company had been previewed as early as February this year in some European countries. Now that is it finally available, it appears that the early unveiling was not able to reveal all about the media box.

For instance, the previewed device sported a white color while the final product has an all-black finish. Likewise, it had been expected that the device would sell for around $266 to $399 or €200 to €300, but Sony had ultimately decided on a more attractive price tag.

Other than these, the network media player has much of the same specifications, although one cannot know for sure since the J & R website does not include a list. The actual box comes with a remote that features a QWERTY keyboard with some added buttons, a microphone that supports voice commands, and a touchpad that recognizes gestures.

This touchpad will be used to control a cursor on the screen of the television. For selecting something onscreen, users simply need to tap the touchpad. This remote control is also expected to have a button that gives access to the Google Play store. This remote has a unique design: it has a battery on each end that allows it to be balanced. This is especially important because it also has a 3-axis accelerometer installed on it.

The media player itself, meanwhile, has a web browsing capability and a picture-in-picture feature, allowing users to view two displays at once. Naturally, Sony will be also offering Sony-branded content on the media device, such as Music Unlimited. Basing on product photos, the media device has several ports on its back such as an HDMI in, two USB ports, and a LAN port. For its software, the set-top box will have a Marvell Armada 1500 chipset that is compatible with Blu-ray.

Sony is hoping that this device will give them better luck as its earlier foray into the US market was not exactly very encouraging. There is no word as to when the device will actually be available, but users who pre-order are usually the first ones to know. Thus, consumers who are interested would be well-advised to head to J & R as soon as possible.

via android central

Update (Jun 18):  apparently J&R has discontinued the pre-order and citing it a mistake to begin with, see comments below

Update (Jun 25):  The unit is available for [easyazon-link asin=”B008BDBPTS” locale=”us”]pre-order on amazon[/easyazon-link]

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  1. This was a mistake, it was taken down today.
    They called me and refunded my money.
    You can not pre-order this anymore.

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