Sony to offer PS One and PS 2 games online streaming

If you bought the Sony Play Station 3 as soon as it got released in your country, you would have been sad or pissed off by the fact that the awesome gaming console lacks one very important feature, backward compatibility. This means that you will not be able to play your classic titles from your Play Station One or Play Station 2. Yes, that is really very disappointing. Those two consoles have some very classic games, the fun of playing those titles, you would not even get on the awesome Sony Play Station 3. Only for that reason, I still have both of my Play Station One and Play Station 2.

But Sony did find out a way to remove this restriction. It started packing all the files and started uploading them to the internet so that you will able to buy them and download them right off the website. But this also means that you will have to buy them, download, and then start playing. But now, Sony seems to have come out with another awesome alternative, online gaming. Yes, the new rumors indicate that the company is all set to move in to a new era of online gaming.

Sony’s plan as said by this new rumor is to upload all the games on to one server, instead of uploading one single game and then making you buy each game you like. This server will then have a new online gaming interface, to which users can connect from around the world and start playing it right then and there, without the problems of downloading anything.

This rumor also proves one of the older rumors true. We are taking about the rumor which said that Sony was planning to partner with a cloud gaming service. Well, we now seem to have an answer to that. What do you guys think? Is this going to be better than having to download games individually and then play on your local system?

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