Sony Tablet P and Tablet S Get Android 4.0.3 Update

Android 4.0.3 has just arrived for two Sony tablets, the Tablet P and the Tablet S. This update contains Android Ice Cream Sandwich features coupled with some additions such as Sony-branded apps.

With this update, Sony boasts of a streamlined user interface that had undergone a major overhaul. There is a new capability to create folders via drag and drop. Apps that had been recently used can now be removed from the display using a swipe gesture, preventing the system to be bogged down by too many apps running. The browser has furthermore been enhanced to be more responsive, allowing users to switch between websites with ease, especially when they are multitasking. Those who want to save pages for reading without Internet access can do so by saving these pages for later use.

Apart from these, users are now allowed to directly access the content on an SD card. This functionality is useful, for instance, if tablet owners would like to make use of the slate as a viewing window for images or videos taken with a digital camera. They can moreover share this content on Sony’s cloud-based service called PlayMemories, which also stores images. This service, however, is only available in selected countries, including France, the UK, and Germany. To give users maximum enjoyment, Sony has thrown in new Slideshow Templates into the package, as well.

An exclusive feature called Small Apps, meanwhile, lets users to easily choose functions that are often used. There is also an “always on top” launcher that facilitates access to the Calculator and Browser while other apps are open. For Sony Tablet S users, this launcher likewise has the Remote Control option that lets users channel surf while working or playing on another app.

Sony, being a media company, apart from a manufacturer of electronic devices, moreover brings to users Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited, two apps that are part of Sony Entertainment Network that offer various music and movie, and television show choices. Lastly, Sony tablet users are free to download the game Super Stardust onto their devices.

Sony will send a notification to users once the update is ready for the tablets.

via tablet-news

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