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Sony Resuscitates Play Station Vita (and Surprises Harry Potter Fans!)

Sony Corp. delighted many fans at E3, the video game expo behemoth with its string of pleasant surprises. Included are a new PS Vita, somewhere in the future, changes to the existing Vita, shots of new games, and….drumroll.….a tie up with J.K. Rowling for an exclusive Harry Potter game called “Wonderbook: Book of Spells”

First things first, Sony Computer Entertainment America’s CEOR and president, Jack Tretton told the throngs in Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena that PSP still excels in the world of gaming all around the globe. However, dampening the crowd’s immediate expectations, he said that the new machine may take several years to come. Meanwhile, Sony plans on a second-screen function for the Vita, akin to Nintendo’s newer consoles.

The video game market has been very slow for the past 5 months in the U.S. and Sony seeks to revoke the haggardness with newer games. The games featured in the presentation were “Beyond”, successor to 2010 “Heavy Rain”, “The Last of Us” and many similar violent shooting games.

Also, Sony has finally married the Vita and PS3 users. New game “Playstation All-Stars:Battle Royale” will allow PS3 players to battle PS Vita players through the Internet. Also, HTC will soon be the first company to deploy PlayStation Mobile for Android games.

And now for the best news of all- Sony sent a zinger our way with the announcement that a Harry Potter game called the “Wonderbook: Book of Spells” will soon be released. Users will use their movie controllers as wands to cast spells out of Miranda Goshawk’s 200 year old spell book. Looks like it is time to brush up our Wingardium Leviosas. Just remember not to cast an unforgivable sin, Hogwarts sure won’t tolerate that.

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