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Sony ready to announce its next Xperia phone in 10 days

Sony has been active for a few days now in releasing new smart phones. The last time the company made an announcement, it released two new smart phones, the Xperia Acro S and the Xperia Go.

The company has not yet stated which smart phone exactly it is going to release. The suspense is on. The smart phone was supposed to be released on the 22nd of this month. But the company has given a chance to its customers and potential customers to decide when to release the new smart phone. And how can customers decide that?

Well, the company has set up a Facebook page to which users can go and click the “Fast Forward” button which will bring the announcement closer. This is all we know about the smart phone for now. The company has not released any kind of information about the smart phone. But if you wish to click that Fast Forward button, you can find it here.

Right now, there are just 10 days and 9 hours remaining for the announcement, that is close enough. But if enough people click on the Fast Forward button, we will be able to bring it closer by a couple more days. Yes, that is possible. Not just that, the company also has some good contests going on. Yes, and if you still not sure of what would be the prize of the competition, it is nothing other than the mystery smart phone we are talking about. If you want more info on this, click here.

Sony is doing a lot of promotion to get the attention of the Android world, it has also succeeded to some extent.  But the problem is, it is not able to hold the attention for a long time. Comment if you agree.

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