Sony NSZ-GS7 With Google TV Release Date July 22

It has already been confirmed by Sony that its new product, NSZ-GS7 Internet Player with Google TV, will be released on July 22nd. While we still have to wait for almost a month before we can see it in action.  For people who are looking to buy now, the Japanese Electronics Company offers pre-orders from its website, and also on [easyazon-link asin=”B008BDBPTS” locale=”us”]Amazon for $199[/easyazon-link]. TV is the most common entertainment equipment nowadays but this one’s revolutionary that’s why it is getting the attention it needs, plus it is built and designed by Sony while featuring Google TV. But what’s in it that people are so interested to know more about it?

Browse Programs Easily. There’s nothing you could possibly ask for in a TV when it displays everything that are currently playing, may it be a movie or live TV shows. This is made possible through an online service like Netflix. Again, this is an Internet TV so you need to have a good connection to prevent interruption. Basically, you just have to choose which program to watch by selecting the thumbnail on the screen.

Smarter Remote Control. We are used to seeing typical remote controls, or the ones that could control only one unit. But with Sony’s NSZ-GS7, its remote control has become more useful and smart with added functionality. It sports a clickable touchpad with multi-touch capability allowing pinch and pull zoom control. For gaming, there exists a 3-Axis motion sensor and at the back side, a full QWERTY back-lit keyboard. Lastly, it is a universal remote control so some of the appliances and gadgets can be controlled using this.

Download Apps. One of the wonders of Google TV is that you can always download the apps you like from the Google Play Store directly to your television set. You can choose from the popular entertainment apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, Pandora, etc. Just in case you are wondering how this works, simply think of your TV as an Android smartphone or tablet.

Web Experience on TV. Just because it is called a TV doesn’t mean you cannot use it to browse the web. The built-in Google Chrome allows everyone to browse websites any time. And since it is the full version of Chrome that’s installed, you can browse through flash-based websites and even watch flash videos on YouTube. Auto update is turned on by default so updates might happen in the background. But this ensures of a stricter security.

Control With Phone. You can control your TV with your Android smartphone or tablet. All you need to do is download the Media Remote app and you’ll now have power over your TV using your handset or tablet. Aside from that, the app allows you to send webpages from your handset to your TV which you can view using Google Chrome browser.

Picture-in-Picture Capability. If you love to do multitasking, you can do so using your Google TV. You can watch TV and update your Facebook status, or watch live games while browsing the net. This is made possible because of picture-in-picture technology. You can re-size other windows on your TV and set them aside and do whatever you want to do with your TV.

Sony NSZ-GS7 has proven its tech power and with the help of Google TV, people are left to appreciate it full potential. Let’s wait and see how it goes when it’s released next month. As early as now, this device is becoming popular so there could be a huge buzz when Sony finally lets it go for the people to behold. Let’s also see if it can live up with the hype it created.

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