Sony Giving Away a PS3/ PS3 Vita Free with Each Sony Viao Laptop

Sony has introduced a new promotion where, students can get a PS3 or PS3 Vita for free with each Viao bought directly from Sony stores.  To grab this offer, you must type coupon code FREEPS3 or FREEVITA on eCoupon entry form and your desired gaming device will be automatically added at checkout and shipped to you with your Vaio. You can also skip the free PS3/Vita for an 8% discount. If you have been eyeing the $2,999 Z series laptop, 8% discount will be significant. You also have the option of skipping both of the above two and instead call a listed number to get a $200 discount voucher towards your future purchases of Sony gaming products.

The promotional offer is not as cool as it looks at first sight. You don’t really expect Sony to give out one of its best selling products for free. Vaio range starts at $749 for the T series and can go up to $2,999 for the Z series. Also, buying directly from Sony store means that you will miss out on the additional discounts that many resellers can offer on Sony products.  Lastly, 160 GB model of the PS3 is up for free with Vaio. Told you, Sony isn’t giving away PS3s for free.

Sony’s promotional scheme is nothing new. Microsoft has been offering a similar promotion for students for a couple of years now. Each Windows laptop with retail price of $799 or higher gets consumers a free Xbox 360.

Microsoft and now Sony’s scheme of giving away a significant product with a purchase seems to be opening new horizons in personal tech. electronics. Conventionally, discounts on technology products are given only for bulk orders. Any discounts offered to a lone consumer were limited to frivolities like a complimentary pair of earphones or a backpack. Do you think other tech giants like Samsung and Apple will follow suit?

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