SiriusXM Internet Radio App Coming to Google TV Soon

The SiriusXM Internet Radio app was revealed during the kickoff of Google I/O 2012 on June 27th. While the developers did not provide the fixed release date for the app, Sirius XM Radio assured everyone that it will be released in 2012 to be able to gain momentum in the market it is targeting. This application will provide subscribers easy access to free music, live news, premier sports, and any entertainment media being offered in its network. The launch of this app will make Google TV the best alternative entertainment hub at home.

SiriusXM Radio is available online for smartphones and other internet-capable devices but the developer is trying to widen its reach and coverage by developing a version for Google TV, where it would surely be welcomed and accepted with high regard. Google TV is perceived to be the best device this app would be released for. The fact that it will be made available for free at Google Play Store is one factor to make sure it will reach newer heights as far as following is concerned.

Among the features of SiriusXM Internet Radio app are the following;

Start Now. According to the presentation of Sirius XM Radio, the developer, during the conference, SiriusXM app can go back up to 5 hours to let users hear previously broadcast programs.

Tune Start. This trademarked feature by Sirius XM Radio will allow users to listen to the entire song by playing the track from the beginning when switching channels. Basically, when you try to examine it more closely, you would know the app is recording and storing the tracks which will be made accessible to users when tuning to a specific channel.

Show Finder. This is a programming guide that offers complete list of what is currently on. It also has the ability to remind the user when favorite shows start to broadcast.

Currently, SiriusXM Internet Radio app is available only for tablets and smartphones as far as Android-driven devices are concerned. The Google TV version would complete the lineup of the devices it is targeting. To even make its coverage wider, there might be a possibility that Sirius XM Radio would release version for other devices.

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