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SIRI’s got competition- its Robin calling this time

As ironical as it may seem but every Apple announcement is over-shadowed by some out-of-the-box Android feature,which just flings the balance. Last week, Apple stole all the limelight by introducing its superior iOS 6, which would support over 200 new features, one of which reads “effortless voice navigation”.

Come this week and Woof! Apple is doomed, yet again. Just as it was doomed by an Indian developer who came up with IRIS, a SIRI clone, which worked just as well as the over-hyped voice assistant without burning a hole in your pocket. That’s why people love Android. You pay for what you get. You do not pay to get or get to pay for what you want to get. Perplexing, right?

Anyways, we are talking of the recently launched Android app- Robin. We know who you are picturing, but no, this is not a Canadian app, it’s very much American.

Robin is a voice-assisted navigation app designed with drivers in mind. You do not have to touch your phone; it works on your gestures/voice. As per the terminology, Robin offers a complete “eyes-free” user experience.  Robin’s powerful speech engine ensures a perfectly natural and smooth talk. Starting a dialogue with her is also relatively easy, just wave her a warm hello in front of your phone screen and she is up and running.

Robin is developed by Magnifis, a leading innovator in the areas of speech interfaces, bot learning and position-based services. Robin is more than just a hum-drum navigation app. It can do a local search, provide real-time information on traffic and weather and even dial any number from your contacts list. Interestingly enough, in case you get bored, it can even read Twitter feeds or crack some jokes if you like. In a nutshell, she is your “personalized radio”, keeping you updated with everything you need to know while driving.

Robin is available exclusively in U.S and only the beta version is out yet. However plans are on by Magnifis to integrate more countries and develop the app to integrate more humanely features, some of which include recognizing driving patters and reading out instructions.

Though some would still prefer SIRI considering its accuracy and responsiveness, this launch embarks the start of yet another cat-fight.

Guess who has got the bragging rights now?

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