Should Google be scared of Twitter

We all know Twitter as the micro blogging website which lets users share their thoughts, or links to some interesting news, or even images and videos. That is it, and how is Google or its services related to Twitter or why should, on Earth, Google be scared of Twitter? Well, that is a very valid question to ask, and the answer is hidden in the recent updates that Twitter made to its services.

From the updated service offerings of Twitter, it becomes very evident that the San Francisco based company is very much interested in getting into the search business, and that is what is connecting Google and Twitter in a competition. This fact may not be evident to a general Twitter and Google search user, but it is very evident for a geeky Twitter and Google search user.

Twitter recently introduced expandable tweets, making it possible for a user to write a longer tweet, thereby putting in more info a tweet. More info means its easier to search a tweet in the millions of billions of tweets that get into the company’s servers each day. Not just this, the company even started hashtag based pages, which lets users get tweets of a particular hashtag in one page. This is also another form of searching.

This is one way in which we can conclude that Twitter has search ambitions and it is working on it. Another fact is that Twitter has been hiring people related to search. The company recently hired John Wang, the well know engineer from the search division of LinkedIn. And then, the micro blogging giant hired Ruslan Belkin as the Director of Engineering, Search and Relevance. Well, the department also makes it clear that Twitter is concentrating on searching as a completely new division.

Eventually, the search abilities of the website will become better. But will it be good enough to give Google a competition? Well, only time can tell that.

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