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Sharp to Release Feel UX for Android

Sharp is preparing a new user interface or UI for Android called Feel UX that will help it stand out from other devices that come with the Android stock UI.

Other companies have already done the same. HTC, for instance offers HTCSense; Samsung offers TouchWiz; and Motorola has MotoBlur. Now, Sharp is joining the group with a UI created by Frog Design from San Francisco that features a minimalist, customizable, and intuitive design with large and easily-recognizable icons. The design reportedly took nine months to complete. Sharp is undoubtedly quite late in its effort to provide a custom UI. However, at least it took the effort in giving Android its own touch.

From the lock screen, users will be able to access commonly-used phone functions, including the photo gallery, music player, and camera. However, when the screen is unlocked, users are brought to three screens that organize the apps on the phone. One screen features apps, another holds phone features, while a third one contains widgets. To make selecting icons trouble-free for users, the icons are created with a relatively thick padding so users don’t accidentally select the wrong icon.

Furthermore, the main photo on the lock screen is never covered by the time or alerts about new messages as what happens on iOS; message alerts and time information on Sharp’s UI both appear in the lower part of the screen.

Users can customize the lock screen with a background image that corresponds to the weather, or with personally relevant information like updates on the stock market. New messages and missed called are also displayed on the lock screen.

The new Feel UX UI will be initially exclusive only for Sharp’s Japanese handsets, specifically the Aquos line of devices. However, the company is likewise looking into bringing it to international models soon. Yet, as of the moment, Sharp is prioritizing its home country, especially since the number of smartphone buyers in Japan is supposedly on the rise.

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