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See the world with Instaglasses

Do you use the awesome service called Instagram? If you do, I know you love it, don’t you? And it is worth loving. The app simply transforms any picture to an awesome retro style piece of photography. What started first on the iOS platform as an image sharing service, has now become a very big business. Not very long ago, Instagram came over to Android as well and for sure, we all love it. But how would it be to see the world, always, with Instagram lenses? When I say Instagram lenses, I mean with all the awesome filters it provides.

So, you think that I mean to say we should use the camera on our smart phones to look at the road we are walking on or driving in to get the awesome effect. Well, no. That is not what I mean. I was more on the idea of having glasses with built in Instagram filters which would let us view the world Instagram style. Is that really possible? Well, not yet, but it could be. But there are indications that it is indeed possible.

Designer Markus Greke of Berlin has designed a glass which is, well, colored like the Instagram app icon and has a camera embedded in it. You can wear the glasses whenever you want and take images with the built in camera. All this sounds very obvious and pretty explains itself. But let me complete. The frame of the glasses, or the legs, will have buttons to take a picture with the built in camera. There will be a button between the eyes to activate the camera. Also, there will built in Instagram lenses on the specs so that the user can see how a picture would look with an Instagram filter applied. One of the lenses would show the original image while the other shows the image with the filter applied.

All this sounds very interesting. But the thing is, the designer, Markus, has no plans of bringing this concept of Instaglasses into production. But I can say that it would really sell good if this is made possible.

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