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Scope for Android Gets Beta

The beta version of Scope for Android, formerly known as Socialscope, has arrived. This app which aggregates feeds from various social networks, and Foursquare into a single space, has first been spotted on Blackberry. Its alpha version hit Android last November, which included some visual enhancements on the app.

For the beta version, however, the app had been completely redesigned. Granted, it is still a beta version, which means there will be a few issues here and there, but the app has added extra features to make itself more attractive.

The most notable perhaps is support for Tumblr, which now joins the list of social networks offered by Scope, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Instagram, however, is still in a view-only version. Apart from Tumblr, it would be nice to see more social networks available in the app if only to truly qualify it as an all-in-one content aggregator.

The user interface has been changed as well. It may take some getting used to for those who have accustomed themselves with the older UI. Yet, this change is good because it makes the app easy to navigate with swiping gestures. It displays photos in large sizes, which means you do not have to squint just to see what the people in the image are doing. It is similar to the Google+ app in terms of its minimalist tendency.

To further make social media management easy, social content is divided into subcategories. Users likewise have the option to view it by type, in case they only want to see photos, videos, or check-ins. A scrolling dock at the lower part of the screen makes for easy changing between categories.

A Popular menu meanwhile gives users information on the trending topics from Twitter. Later, the developers may even add a feature that identifies the hot topics on other social networks.

The team behind Scope is contemplating making the app available to everyone, and not just to a select number of people who get invitations. Perhaps this will be offered when the app finally comes out of beta version.

Scope for Android is available for users with at least Android 2.2 running. It may be downloaded at zero cost from the Google Play store.

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