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Samsung To Come Out With It’s Own Tablet Notebook Hybrid?

Patent files always offer an insight into a manufacturer’s plans for the future, about what we sort of a product we might expect from a company in the near future. The image above is from a patent filed by Samsung in December last year with the US Patent and Trademark Office and what it shows is a way to transform a tablet into a notebook styled device. A tablet-notebook hybrid of sorts.
This is what the patent reads as:
“An electronic apparatus includes a first member, a second member movable connected to the first member to open and close a front surface of the first member, a sliding device movably connecting the second member to the first member, and hinge devices to rotate the sliding device in a state in which the front surface of the first member is opened. The hinge device includes a first hinge member fixed to the first member, a second hinge member fixed to the sliding device and rotatably installed on the first hinge member, and a cam unit interacting with a first cam plane provided on the second hinge member to rotate the second hinge member. When the front surface of the first member is opened, the second member is automatically rotated by the cam unit and is tilted with respect to the first member.”
That pretty much explains what Samsung’s patent filing is about.

We all know, however, that Samsung will not be the first one to bring out such a hybrid since they already exist. Asus was the first company to bring such a hybrid tablet in the form of the Asus Transformer Android tablet. With the recent Surface tablet, Microsoft has entered the  hybrid tablet family. So, it is completely expected of a company like Samsung if it comes up with an actual product anything similar to a tablet hybrid. After all, Samsung has its hand in every cookie jar possible.

Samsung makes smartphones which run on Google’s Android OS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone and also has it’s proprietary bada OS. On the notebook front, it manufactures notebooks which run Microsoft’s Windows and also makes Chrome Books. So, with the Windows 8, which in itself is a hybrid OS, about to be launched, having a hybrid tablet of its own to run Windows 8  would be advantageous for Samsung.

Only time will tell if such a hybrid tablet from Samsung will indeed materialize.

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