Samsung Patent Points At New Icon And Folder Management Methods For Android

One of the many important parts of a smartphone operating system and also the most obvious part of any smartphone is the user interface. A badly designed user interface can spell doom on even the most powerful device or make even a mediocre device stand out from the crowd. The Kindle Fire gives a very good example of this. Though the Kindle Fire runs the Android operating system much like the many other Samsung and Lenovo tablets, the look and design of the user interface is different in the order of a magnitude from the rest. This is also the Kindle Fire’s major plus point.
Major Android OS users such as Samsung and HTC all have their own proprietary user interface systems. While HTC have their Sense 4.0 user interface, Samsung has the TouchWiz Nature UX.

Patentbolt has now unearthed some patent documents which belong to Samsung. These documents describe new ways to manage and organize folders. The new methods are a part of the TouchWiz user interface.

Here are some  the features from the documents as described by Android Authority:

  • “Dragging an app icon over another would stack them on top of each other, giving a feel of a stack of cards.
  • Opening/Expanding a folder is done by tapping the stack, which then opens up like an accordion. The “accordion” also folds back once done.
  • Another method would be opening up the folder on a secondary screen. But this time, it includes 3D effects and animation when opening and closing the folder.
  • A final suggested method features a vertical scrolling option, where you are scrolling up and down the folder, which is open on the home screen itself (not as a secondary screen).”

No information on when these new user interface features will be implemented is known. You can also have a look at some more images and some detailed information about the patent documents by clicking here