Samsung Makes ChatON Available For Windows 6.5

The Samsung Chat ON messaging service first came out as a counter to Apple’s iMessage service. The Chat ON app of course is a cross platform chat application and is does not restrict the users from communicating between devices of different make. This has made sure that the Chat ON app has a wide user base and is pretty successful. With Chat ON you can send and receive messages over the internet, without having to pay for the services to your service provider.
Samsung made the app available in the Apple App Store and the Blackberry store but unfortunately for Windows Phone users, not on the Microsoft app store. This also meant that Samsung’s own customers, the one who were using its once popular Omnia II Windows Phone, were left out without Chat ON. It seems now that Samsung still remembers it’s old, loyal, Windows Phone Omnia II customers and has now decided to make the Chat ON app available for Omnia II users.

The Samsung Omnia II was one of the earliest phones running, the now outdated, Windows Phone version 6.1 and was a popular device but has since has not received any operating system update.

Again, the Chat ON service will work only with the Omnia II handsets running Windows 6.1 operating system. Also, for whatever reason it may be, Samsung has made the service available only for handsets in South Korea.

All other Windows Phone users who hope to make use of the service to send and receive free messages, can only wait and hope that Samsung extends the service over to all Windows Phone users including Windows Phone 7.5. This still confuses me. Why would the world’s largest Android smart phone maker release such a good app for Windows Mobile 6.1 users and not for the latest Windows Phone 7.x users? Anyone of you waiting for this release? Anyway, the app can be downloaded directly from here.