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Samsung galaxy SIII: an out of the galaxy phone?

Samsung Galaxy S III- Smart, Sleek and Stylish.


It’s yet to be launched worldwide and it has already become the most popular phone in Britain and subsequently, many other nations worldwide.

Samsung seems to have done the trick this time. The new flagship device from Samsung quite rigorously justifies its marketing tagline-“Designed for humans”. Samsung went with a more curvy design to make it fit comfortably into hands. Though that affected the way device looks (could have out-pared HTC One), but the curves make the device incredibly comfortable to hold (which was not the case with Samsung Galaxy Note). Besides, with a 4.8 inch super AMOLED display, 1.4 GHz quad core processor, 1 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage, it’s a beautiful beast.

S III in turn delivers the slickest and the most sublime Android experience ever. Switching between tasks, managing applications and interacting has never been so much better. It’s incredibly smooth and convenient at the same time. Samsung’s TouchWiz interface is an ideal topping which sits on top of Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich.

Apart from being stylish and power-packed with performance, it’s incredibly smart. To combat the fruit bearing company’s voice assistant, Samsung has come up with S-Voice, which works just like Siri. It comes with Smart Stay- a unique eye-sensing technology (uses the front camera) which detects whether you are looking at the screen or not and accordingly adjusts the screen timeout.

Grappling its competitors like Nokia Lumia 900, iPhone 4S and HTC One X, Galaxy S III however undoubtedly stands out as a complete stalwart. Be it looks, performance or dexterity, it embodies each of them with elegance and grace.

So, does that mean S III knocks out Apple’s iPhone 4S? Well, not yet. S III offers you more bang for your bucks when compared to 4S. That being said, iPhone 4S is still a wonderful device. The dual-core processor does not allow the device to stutter even a bit and most eminently- it is equipped with iOS 5.1- the most user-friendly interface till date.

So, which one is superior? That’s a tough one!

Well as mentioned both are equally preferable; it’s all a matter of choice. While the single ‘S’ is easier to use, the three ‘S’ put together is loaded with a lot of avant-garde features.

So, which way are you going?


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