Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.2 Media Player Review

The [easyazon-link asin=”B007SRNPPU” locale=”us”]Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.2[/easyazon-link] is an all-around mobile entertainment device minus phone capabilities. Its appearance could easily fool anyone into thinking that it can make calls, but Samsung opted for massive entertainment features instead. In other words, it can be described as today’s version of the mp3 players which had been popular on the past, but packs in other features like Wi-Fi connectivity to keep users from being bored. One may perhaps say that it is Samsung’s answer to the iPod Touch.

For those familiar with handsets, a telltale sign that this is not a phone is its inclusion of stereo speakers in the front and in the back. Most phones today do not have this design, but it allows the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi to offer great sound quality that is hard to obscure even when one is handling the phone.

Those who like control over the sound can access an EQ. Unfortunately, this is only available on Samsung apps or those pre-installed by Android. Those who prefer a third-party music player will not be able to use the EQ.

The screen is a TFT LCD which delivers nice image quality whether on web pages, videos, or games. That said, the display of the iPod touch is much better, although that is not to say this comes very far, especially to those who are not so picky.

One disadvantage of the device is that it runs Android 2.3.6, an older version of Android OS that doesn’t pack as many features as ICS. Still, it is not a phone, and users of media players are often not as meticulous with the OS.

As for the camera, it is able to take photos that are perhaps adequate for Facebook and Twitter sharing. However, the quality is not excellent enough to replace a dedicated camera or even a regular phone camera.

The bottom line is that the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi is not a phone but a media player. Those who want better capabilities should simply just shell out money for a handset. The target for this device apparently is those who just want a mobile entertainment device.

via pocket-lint

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