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Samsung Galaxy S III tear down results

The Samsung Galaxy S III was announced not more a few weeks ago, and a lot of people are waiting around the world for the smart phone to be released into the public. Once developers get this in their hands, there is no stopping them from modding it the way they want and bringing out cool new custom ROMs. That is true. But other engineers do like to look into the hardware of the smart phone. Who is more known for this job than the iFixIt guys? Yes, they are back again and they have already teared down the awesome looking Samsung Galaxy S III. It turns out that there is really nothing more inside that plastic case to worry about.

It is being said that the only things holding the awesome smart phone together are the holding screws. So if you unscrew all those screws, you will be done with the tear down of the smart phone. That is kind of a good news and kind of disturbing some times. On the other hand, the smart phone looks very similar to its predecessors, the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. So modders will be pretty familiar with the architecture and the layout.

People who are planning on repairing or servicing their new Galaxy S III will be happy for the fact that there is really not much to worry about replacing, for a few screws and a motherboard. You can not possibly replace a motherboard. Slash Gear writes:

However, there are a lot of components inside the frame that sits right below the motherboard. It also looks like the construction of the device is pretty easily understood, making it likely pretty easy to perform repairs and troubleshoot mechanical problems. In addition, this means that hardware modifications probably won’t present much of a problem.

This is a pretty good news, before the release of the smart phone, people already have access to its inner parts. Does this in any way interest you?

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