Samsung Galaxy S III source code now available

It’s just been a few days since the South Korean Android smart phone giant, Samsung, released the brand new player, Samsung Galaxy S III, in 28 new markets. And we already have the source code of the device to play with. That is right, and it is not at all illegal to do so. Samsung has been kind enough to let third party developers and modders play around with the source code of its best selling Android smart phones so that they can develop custom ROMs and make the user experience better on Samsung’s devices.

The company has already released source code of its other two best selling smart phones, the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Samsung Galaxy Note. And the next smart phone had to of course join the party. Yes, you can now download the I9300’s source code directly and legally from Samsung’s website and start building your own ROM on top of it.

But the company has only released the source code of the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S III. So if you were wondering whether you will get the source code of the United States version of the Galaxy S III, then you are not yet lucky. This is because the company has not yet released the smart phone itself in the United States, so expecting its source code is kind of far fetched.

And even after the company releases the smart phone in the US, it would be foolish to expect the source code. This is because the smart phone will be sold in the country by wireless carriers, with locked radios. And these wireless carriers would not want their customers to be messing around with their smart phones and finding out ways to use the internet connection on the phone for free. The wireless carriers will never let users have custom ROMs on their Android smart phones legally.

But anyway, you can download the source code of the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S III with model number I9300 over here.

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