Samsung Galaxy Note II Coming in October

Last week we saw the rumor that the South Korean smart phone giant, Samsung, would be releasing the second iteration of its phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note II this year, and that we are going to see a lot of changes in the hardware and the software, both departments having the latest in the world of technology. Well, this rumor somehow seems to be coming true.

Well, to begin with, the rumors were that the next gen Samsung Galaxy Note would be running the next version of the Google mobile operating system, the Jelly Bean, which is supposed to have the version number Android 4.1. And also, the smart phone is rumoured to have a big 12 mega pixel rear facing camera. That is just awesome, don’t you think so? And the awesome 5.3 inch touch screen display is not going anywhere. The Samsung Galaxy Note II will have a 5.3 inch display, but a lot better than the present one. What’s the difference? Well, you will be able to bend it.

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is rumoured to be coming with a flexible LED HD display, and will be the first smart phone to sport a big 5.3 inch flexible LED display, and we are so going to love that, aren’t we?

Now, the Korean news paper, MK Business News, is saying the same thing, but with some more added info. The newspaper says that the South Korean company will be releasing this awesome smart phone in October. And yes, that is exactly the time when Apple is expected to release its new iPhone, the iPhone 5. So can you see why Samsung has also chosen the same time frame?

The rumors say that Samsung will be going head on in competition with Apple by releasing the next gen Samsung Galaxy Note II in direct competition with the next gen iPhone 5. Given the two, I would definitely buy the Galaxy Note II. What about you?

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5 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note II Coming in October”

  1. I agree…the current Note is a FANTASTIC smartphone that doubles as a mini tablet. I also get a full day out of my battery with heavy usage. No complaints whatsover. The more I use the S pen the more I love it. Cropping photo’s and using the pen is a blast!

  2. would love to own it… does anyone know if ATT is the only carrier getting this?

    Side question: why does Samsung do the exclusivity thing on some of their phones like Note? I think the Samsung Galaxy SIII marketing plan is better idea.

  3. You have a malfunctioning battery. Mine lasts the whole day no problem, and I browse and make phone calls for hours.
    Also, there are plenty of apps that allow wireless printing. Just do a search! Crazy that you would drop the note for those reasons. They are both fixable. I love my note. Its awesome.

  4. galaxy note battery sucks big time with a 20 minutes call half of you fully charged batt will be left , and also will not print wireless unles you have a samsung printer ,will be returning my note tomorrow

  5. I love the Note. First tablet to make real calls. Mercilessly panned originally. “Its too big” , you’ll look ridiculous holding up to your ear ( Bluetooth?). Luckily most people saw that as purely a attempt by the US carrier to keep it off their systems. Why allow a person to have just one device when you can force two contracts on them.
    Samsung, to there credit didn’t follow the carrier’s This time (as they did with the G tab, locked out phone service for US versions).
    I’m glade for a II as it will put downward pressure on the It, but really, a flexible screen? Was someone clamoring for that or is it just to prove they are better than Apple!

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