Samsung Focuses on Software Improvements

Samsung announced that it is focusing its efforts on improving software to help it keep its lead position against competitors.

The company had been, by comparison, successful with its hardware that allowed it to surpass competitors. On the other hand, its software had been less than stellar. Bada, for instance, the Samsung proprietary platform, has not gained as much popularity as Android OS.

Now, with a new CEO taking charge, Samsung is focusing on creating a fresh user experience with its forthcoming software and designs. Its plans are still, however, vague at this point.

Possibly one of the most important factors that impelled this initiative was Google’s decision to acquire Motorola. Merged, the two companies would likely pose a formidable threat to Samsung.

Yet Samsung’s biggest competitor at present is Apple, which the South Korean company beat in several quarters due to the success of products like the Samsung Galaxy S II. However, with regard to software, Apple’s solutions are still much stronger than Samsung’s. Unlike Apple, Samsung also relies more, and quite heavily so, on the technology available on Android OS instead of Bada. Now, it seems that Samsung would little by little detach from Google as it takes steps to develop its own software.

One such step was its acquisition of the mobile content service provider mSpot Inc. last month. Another is its recent shelling out of $500,000 in membership dues at the Linux Foundation, implying that it has plans of working with Linux in developing its own software. Nonetheless, Samsung is considered to be on the early stages of development when compared to Apple.

Meanwhile, Samsung has scrapped rumors of further developing Family Story, an offering that connects tablets, smart TVs, and smartphones. Likewise, it categorically denied allegations that it had been working on a Samsung-branded social network.

Samsung has a long way to go if it plans to beat current software leaders, but it might just possess enough resources to do so, provided that it maintains its focus on what it truly needs.

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