Samsung airs new ‘Pop Up Play’ commercial of the new Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III is supposed to come today to those who have already pre ordered. The smart phone is one of the most celebrated smart phones of the year, and the demand for the device has been overwhelming for the company also. We have seen news from last week that wireless carriers across the world (mainly the Canadian carriers and the United States carriers) who are offering the Samsung Galaxy S III are delaying the delivery of the device. This delay, the wireless carriers say, is because of the increased demand and less availability. The manufacturer is not able to manufacture the device at the rate the demand is increasing.

But since the date is here and the company needs to increase the demand no matter what, Samsung has started airing new ads of the Galaxy S III. And the latest one to go live is an ad of the Pop Up Play feature of the smart phone. If you do not know what it is, Pop Up Play is a feature on the Samsung Galaxy S III which lets you watch a video in a small window in the top right corner of the screen while you are doing something else on the rest of the display. For example, texting, The ad goes as follows, as told by Ubergizmo:

Two gentlemen who happened to walk pass by him saw the device and proceeded to ask the other saying,”Is he texting and watching a video at the same time?” The proud Galaxy S3 owner replied, “I’m watching texting and watching a video at the same time”. The two men, now seemingly confused, reacted “You can’t do that”. “And yet I’m doing it,” the man with the GS3 responded smiling. Both men eventually said “nice”, now convinced.

The ad is kept very simple, but the effects of the ad are supposed to be very good. People would certainly want a smart phone which will let them do more than one thing at a time.