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Rumors indicate tight Facebook integration in iOS 6

iOS 6 is still in the making, it is not yet released, not even the beta version. But the rumors about the version started a long time ago. The new rumors indicate a very tight Facebook integration into Apple’s new operating system. This is not a surprise actually, as we have already seen it in the verge of being implemented in the beta versions of iOS 4 before being completely removed in the final version of the operating system due to some no so good cooperation between then Apple CEO Steve Jobs and now and then Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. We all know the story very well.

But now, in an interview, the new CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has indicated that there will be good Facebook integration. At the D10 Keynote Interview, Tim Cook used phrases such as  “Facebook is a great company,” “the relationship is solid,” and “stay tuned” when directly asked about Facebook integration by the interviewers. This itself indicates a lot. Don’t you think so?

A lot of apps now use Facebook’s APIs to connect users with their apps. Also, many apps use Facebook APIs to authenticate individual users. For this, on the iOS architecture, the app has to open up a new app, which is the Facebook authentication activity, do the authentication, send the data back to the original app, and then shut the Facebook authentication activity. That is a very big task to handle. But if there is an OS integration of Facebook, the programmers can cut down the long procedure to directly taking the user’s Facebook authentication from iOS operating system. iPodNN writes:

Facebook’s new permissions, however, are much more complicated than Twitter’s. The current method has various levels of permissions, and this being adequately conveyed to the user is crucial to this effort. Open Graph or auto-sharing, if implemented, would potentially add more complexity to an already complicated situation for an on the go user.

We will be hearing more of this for sure. But nothing will be sure till we actually see the final release of the iOS 6.


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