Rumored iPad Mini Photos Leaked

Photos of the upcoming iPad mini have allegedly leaked if the accessory manufacturer ZooGue is to be believed. The photos published by ZooGue show the supposed housing of the smaller version of the iPad that is possibly in the works. They are low-resolution images, and are said to show a display that measures 7.58 inches diagonally instead of the rumored measurement of 7.85 inches.

The photos reveal a mysterious port, as well, which is in place of the six-point dock connector found on the regular-sized iPad. This is speculated to be a microUSB dock, which Apple might use instead of the six-point dock. Also found on the case are speaker grills, which purportedly appear on leaked images of the upcoming iPhone.

As the smaller iPad does not have a name yet, ZooGue nicknames the device the iPad Nano, like the name of the smaller iPod. Other sources, however, call the device the iPad mini. Still, as Apple has not made any announcements regarding the device, one can still not be certain about its name.

Meanwhile, the specifications indicated by the so-called leaked photos of the iPad Nano are few, and do not confirm the other rumored features of the smaller sized iPad. The device is expected to carry G/F2 thin-film technology that will enable the device to be thinner than previous models. It might furthermore carry features found on the most recent iteration of the iPad such as LTE 4G connectivity, and a Retina Display with a 2,880 x 1,800 pixel resolution.

Apple is reportedly working on the iPad mini to be able to compete with the manufacturers of smaller-sized tablet devices out in the market today. Previously, its founder Steve Jobs had discounted the idea of a smaller tablet device than the full-sized iPad. However, as rumors grow stronger regarding the smaller iPad, it seems that Apple might have changed its mind. The scheduled release date for the iPad mini is predicted to be around the third quarter of this year, while its price range will be about $200 to $250.