Rovio Opens Angry Birds Theme Parks

A game that has been downloaded more than a billion times is bound to manifest itself in the retail sector. So far, we have had Angry Bird stationary, bedding, toys, lunchboxes, jewelry, clothes and even a Formula 1 sponsorship and a debt card in Russia. Soon, we will also have a string of Angry Bird theme parks dot the world; the first one has already opened in Finland and a second one in the UK is soon to follow.

Rovio, the Finnish company behind angry birds has reportedly expressed a desire of helping curtail technology-induced obesity in kids through theme parks where playing includes technology, but not at the cost of actual physical exercise. With its 100 million plus earnings, Rovio can afford to try out this completely tangential venture.

Angry Birds Land at Sarkanniemi Amusement Park, Finland features Angry Bird themed climbing frames, tunnels, ladders, sandpits, roundabouts and climbing walls. There are a total of 12 family-based rides including a carousel and a rollercoaster. Visitors can eat at one of the many Angry Birds themed restaurants.The game’s soundtrack plays throughout and there will be download stations where visitors could download exclusive sections of the game. It officially opens on 6th June, 2012. A second park in the United Kingdom will soon follow.

Remember when Neil Patrick Harris aka Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother tried firing an actual hen through a catapult but was stopped by PETA? Well, if you felt the same urge too, head to an Angry Bird park.

Angry Birds merchandising is certainly turning into an epidemic. Where would you like to see these birds next? Perhaps, a limited edition car?