Recon Instruments to Launch First SDK for its HUD Technology at Google I/O

The award-winning tech company Recon Instruments announced today of its desire to launch the first Software Development Kit (SDK) for its Heads-up Display technology. The Google I/O 2012 was the event chosen by the company to make its announcement considering the fast-growing community of Android developers was chosen to be the first to develop apps for Recon’s HUD technology.

Recon Instrument’s Tyson Miller said that the company believes launching the first ever SDK will change the way people interpret or perceive real-time information relayed by HUD technology. Android, he added, is a familiar platform for tech people and such is the reason why the first SDK would be launched for Google’s mobile operating system.

Prior to the publication of the press release, the company already made available the HUD SDK for Android at its website. Not only can developers be able to learn more about the very core of HUD, they are also empowered to gain access and interpret the data relayed by Recon’s state-of-the-art HUD including readings from on board barometer, 3-axis accelerometer, altimeter, 3-axis gyro and magnetometer as well as the temperature sensor.

Recon Instruments’ HUD SDK for Android wouldn’t be exclusive for hardware the company released, rather it will be compatible with the next generation hardware Recon is planning to release real soon. This is to make sure that developers can openly explore the entirety of HUD technology and not just the ones already known to some.

To keep things more interesting, the company encourages both new and seasoned developers to build revolutionary apps and grab the opportunity to become Developer Partners. Recon said that the first ten developers to be able to come up with useful app for  its HUD technology would become Featured Developer Partners who will receive free MOD Live that is necessary in building their apps.

Moreover, Featured Developer Partners will have direct connection with Recon’s engineers and given access to beta releases of the company’s software and upcoming tools. There will also be a Recon App Center to house the newly-developed applications which would be made available for purchase in fall 2012. If you want to apply to come Developer Partner, you may want to visit this link.

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