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Project Butter And What It Means For Jelly Bean

Google’s Project Butter was intended to address one of the major complaints that Android users had with their devices. The irritant that is screen lag. Majorly when using the touch interface.
Project Butter has been developed in three areas all of which have been implemented into Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Here is a detailed explanation of what Jelly Bean brings with it.


With Vsync, you will experience the best graphical experience till date from your Android device and an increased frame rate of 60fps! ‘vsync timing’ has been applied to every aspect of Android 4.1. Application rendering, touch events, screen composition, and display refresh, all have been co-ordinated to a 16 millisecond vsync “heartbeat”. This means you will not experience lag of any kind when using your device. Fast and consistent frame rate throughout.

Triple Buffering  Triple Buffering boosts the performance of the three major components that are behind the display and graphic rendering in a Smartphone or a tablet – CPU, GPU and the display. Triple Buffering makes sure that all three hardware components work in sync and work to their maximum performance ability to render a smoother and faster performance, be it animations, scrolling through pages or online video playback.

Touch Responsiveness

Jelly Bean now have the algorithm which “anticipates” where the next finger touch is going to lay on the screen. Thus, the touch sensor and is already ready to respond to the touch when it happens. Normally, when a device comes out of the power saving mode, it tends to feel sluggish for a moment. This is because the CPU is not yet ready to deliver its resources effectively coming out of ‘sleep’. This problem is solved in Jelly Bean. As the device comes out of the power saving mode, the OS gives an input boost to the CPU, which is now ready to deliver its resources immediately. Result – no latency.

With the Jelly Bean, Google has responded well to consumer sentiments by keeping in tune to what the customer is looking for and expecting. Extremely important thing for tech company

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