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PowerA MOGA Is A Bluetooth Gaming Controller

PowerA is offering a new Bluetooth-based controller for Android called the MOGA. This is the PowerA’s first attempt to penetrate the mobile market. Previously, it had been known form offering controllers as well as accessories for gaming consoles.

The MOGA controller attaches to Android phones regardless of what size they may be by means of a fold-out spring-powered mechanism. This clamp effectively converts your average phone into a portable game console. The MOGA features shoulder button and dual analog sticks. Glossy black plastic is the choice of material for the front of the controller. Meanwhile its rear is covered in rubber, some areas of which are ribbed, to help users maintain a firm grip while enjoying games.

The MOGA comes with a companion app called the MOGA Pivot App. This app enables users to perform a search of what games they may play with the MOGA using their phone. Users then choose from the list of compatible games provided by the app. They can even play the game instantly by launching the game right from the app itself. This app will furthermore update the games list as MOGA signs deals with more game developers. It will also download patch kits for the games already available. Owners of the MOGA may download this app from the Google Play store.

Among the games that users may play with the MOGA controller are Sonic CD, Duke Nukem 3D and Virtua Tennis Challenge, along with eleven other games. The company is also meeting with other game developers to expand the list of games that carry MOGA support.

The MOGA may be compared with a similar game controller called the Gametel, which was spotted at this year’s CES. The Gametel is also powered by Bluetooth, although apart from Android, it also supports iOS and PCs.


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