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Posted Google Nexus Tablet Photo is Fake!

The circulating image of an alleged leaked photo of a Nexus tablet from Google is fake. The photo shows two 7-inch tablets, one facing the viewer sports the Nexus logo on its screen, while another facing the opposite direction shows the Google and Asus logos. At the side of the image, one sees the logo for the upcoming Google I/O conference as well as the dates for the event.

Often, leaked images bring two kinds of feeling: one is excitement for the features of the product, and another is skepticism, especially when the leak appears to be a hoax. Always, however, they should always be taken with a grain of salt, especially if the company behind the product seems so bent on keeping its specifications under wraps, like what Google seems to be trying to do.

As for the photo of the Nexus tablet, it could have brought much excitement. The Nexus, after all, is one of today’s most awaited products. However, it could have given much more of that if only the photo editing on the image had not been too obvious.

Even those who are not experts in creating photo composites would immediately notice that the Google and Asus logos seem suspiciously superimposed on the tablet, instead of photographed on it. A dead giveaway is the presence of bounding boxes around the Google and Asus logos. Around the bounding boxes, one notices some disruption in digital noise, suggesting amateurish digital editing skills, at the very least.

Of course there is the possibility that a marketing team created the composite just to create a clearer photo of the product. Some such companies, in fact, do that. Nonetheless, Google’s premium on secrecy would lead one to believe that it would not allow a marketing team to leak images of its new tablet.

A more likely explanation surrounding the leaked photo, however, is that someone was trying to cash in the demand for more information about the Google device and decided to stitch some images together.

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