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Place Book App for Android

People who are always on the go might want to download the Place Book app for Android. This app helps users organize information about places on a map. To provide maximum ease, it integrates with other popular online services relating to location such as Foursquare, Google Places, and Yelp.

The app’s interface is probably nothing to boast of. In terms of design, it is indistinctive, not to mention a bit cluttered. However, the app’s strength is its functions. Launching the app gives users access to three tabs, including My Places, Map, and Search. Place Book does not require users to sign up for the service or pay monthly subscription fees. When it comes to its services, Place Book opts for simplicity and ease.

The My Places tab shows the user’s locations, which may be organized into lists to further help the user remember what these places offer. For instance, one list could be a group of favorite restaurants, while another is record of places that the user intends to check out. Once a particular location is tapped, a window gives information about it such as its address, phone number, and exact location on a map.

If the user has an account on Yelp and Foursquare, the functions of these services may be accessed with Place Book. For instance, the user may pull user reviews and star ratings about these areas. Yelp and Foursquare, however, can be deactivated if users prefer a simpler set of information.

Next, the Map tab lets users see locations that they have bookmarked as well as search for new locations. Yellow and red placemarks indicate whether these are new or bookmarked locations. These locations can be tapped to get more information.

Lastly, the Search tab assists in looking for a destination. Users can direct the app to look for information online. Moreover, they can customize some settings like map type and zoom.

The Place Book app is now available at the Google Play store for free. A minimum of Android 2.2 is necessary for it to work on devices.

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